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About Me

For many years now, I have been writing about the travel industry for a number of publications, and finally have got around to doing so for our own website.

The travel industry is a fascinating world; it is a complex place with a myriad of factors affecting our decisions, forecasts and business plans on a daily basis. From the extraordinary volatility of the currency markets to medical pandemics, the industry is hit by one new factor after another.

And yet it continues to grow, prosper and enchant.

Why this is so, what issues we are facing and how we will react to an ever-changing world will be the thrust of the blog; this in addition to articles about some of the world’s odder destinations, train journeys and the wine-harvest in the South of France.

Through these pages as well, I will take the opportunity to introduce our staff and boast about their extraordinary and diverse skills; I am truly blessed to work with such a talented group of people, and we eagerly anticipate working closely with you all in developing some unique travel opportunities.

I look forward to comments, positive and negative; I encourage questions and ideas, and am excited to be able to communicate so directly.