AirBnb; When it goes badly wrong, it can be made right.

The AirBnb saga continues in Reunion

AirBnb in Reunion
Our AirBnb in Reunion

I wrote a piece a couple of days ago that raised some issues about AirBnb, and how to deal with situations that go bad.

Well, firstly, I should say that their help team, having “reached out” to me, did make the situation better, but did leave a couple of issues hanging.

They offered some compensation, which was fine and agreeable, but actually, I hadn’t asked for any; I was really asking about what one should do when there is an issue, and there is no wifi network with which to communicate, and no local phone numbers. This remains unanswered.

I questioned the write-ups that are posted, and noted that many hosts, not being in the travel business, do not really understand the difference between low and high seasons, wet and dry seasons, and advising their clients of these potential issues. Or having the obvious pricing differential that the industry itself embraces.

No matter; as I said before, Airbnb is a fine organisation. Reading between the lines, getting advice on the actual destination if you are not sure (does it get cold and damp in central Reunion in August?), reading the reviews and writing honest and straightforward reviews yourself.

I like Airbnb and am soon heading to the Gulf and West Africa, and will be using them again. Next time, however, I shall probably do a little more critical reading.

Caveat Emptor!